Magento As A Remedy For Your Business

This post is completely dedicated to Magento. The first idea that comes into a head is: ‘Magento is the most popular CMS in the world’. But let’s make a brief remark what is Magento itself. The merchants involved in ecommerce know Magento as an open-source platform writing with PHP. Its main task is to provide vendors with a flexible shopping cart system. And Magento has lots opportunities to make merchants’ dreams come true. It holds a powerful marketing, the best possible information retrieval system and priceless set of management tools.

The history of Magento refers to the year of 2002 and in November 2015 Magento announced its second version. But Magento Golden Age has fallen to the first years of its existence. Today we have more than 200,000 merchants who have given the faith of their business into Magento hands. Just imagine that each fourth merchant prefers Magento. What are the reasons? Let’s try to become Magento experts.

Magento has two editions to download – Enterprise and Community. Here numerous extensions are placed. It costs to say that all of them are assigned to make an online store profitable. There are some leading concepts which are at the storefront of extensions.

The first thing you can easily note is simplicity. The Magento is developed in the manner everyone is able to understand its workflow principles and operate Magento at the touch of a button. The simplicity is caused by PHP, MVC-architecture, modules. Another valuable Magento feature is its security. Magento developers think it’s significant to follow this concept. We think it’s enough to say that Magento fulfils the requirements of the global security standard PA-DSS. It means that all the information related to Magento is secured in the best possible manner. It’s vital fact because unfortunately today we are standing by the numerous computer crimes. All these below mentioned remarks allow us to award Magento with the ‘The Best CMS’ title. And coming back to the figures Magento takes 29,1% of all existing platforms for ecommerce. Her closest opponent is Shopify that is also popular (26,5%). These figures are taken from Aheadworks’ research.

There are some solid reasons why we have decided to refer to Aheadworks. You know that Aheadworks is Magento extension developer number one. Having started its history in 2001 Aheadworks has managed to save its dominant positions in a year’s time. And today it owns the fullest set of Magento products.

The team of Aheadworks consists of more than 30 software professionals. They are always about to offer their highest qualification, progressive technologies and perfect work around the clock. Thanks to the technologies they apply (Apache, PHP, MySQL and Linux) Aheadworks creates extensions able to upcycle online stores. Aheadworks is servicing more than 50,000 clients worldwide. And it’s obligatory to note here that due to Imagine of 2016 and 2017 years Aheadworks is the most innovative Magento extension developer. This fact is one more reason why it has gained so much popularity in the Magento world.

Today Aheadworks counts more than 120 extensions for both Magento versions: 1 and 2. The categories like Sales and Motivation, Administration, User Experience, Content Management and others are the categories of the products are differentiated between. As you may easily guess, this differentiation is based on the functionality of the extensions. As an example ‘Sales and Motivation’ section includes the Reward Points extension that concerns about a prominent loyalty program creation through conversion money spent into points earned and vice-versa.

Besides, Aheadworks is also involved in Magento Themes producing. The Magento Themes by Aheadworks differ by their top-to-bottom compatibility with all Magento integral parts. They are able to demonstrate excellent cooperative work with Magento extensions.

Summarizing the above mentioned things we surely may state that Magento is a dominant CMS. And its power is provided by the numerous extensions that award Magento with a flexible architecture. Today there are so many Magento product developers and for store owners to make a right decision is not as easy as pie. But Aheadworks can be a good option for those who want ‘to promise’ means ‘to perform’. Here you may find harmony of perfect functionality, quality and reliability!